Balls n Bricks

Balls N Bricks

You have a turret that is constantly rotating, and your mission is to stop at the right moment to shoot balls towards the bricks.

After each round, bricks will move downwards and a new row will appear at the top. If brick fall to the bottom of the screen you lose.
Sound easy? Well, the game is really challenging, we have our ways to make it painful for you.

Your goal is to beat the high score, you can compare your score with your friends or with the rest of the world. Achievements are also a big part of our game, don’t try to collect them all, because that’s the goal just for pro players. The most frustrating thing that bothers us as gamers, is when we lost the save game, that’s why we implemented cloud save games.

Balls n Bricks
Balls n Bricks
Developer: Studio Adriatic
Price: Free

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